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Greetings adventurers

Victory teaches the naive, and defeat the wise; successes give units of lessons, and failures give thousands. Learn from the lessons of the vanquished. Jeff O`Leary
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Hi, starting Tomorrow; I will be streaming each week.

Monday - Friday
11:30 am (GMT) for 1-2 hours
11:30 pm (GMT) for 1-2 hours
Search on google:   "10:30 gmt my time"    to see what time it would be for you!
Alternatively you could follow me and get a notification on your phone when I go live! There is also a mixer app. 😄 

I will stream twice per day and I will keep the same times each day.
Don't be shy to join in the chat, I will be streaming mainly Acharnes BDO because I'm excited to prepare for guardian,
but I may take a break and play some other games depending on the requests of the viewers. 😛


If you decide to visit me, I thank you in advance and I look forward to seeing you! 🙂



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