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Greetings adventurers

Victory teaches the naive, and defeat the wise; successes give units of lessons, and failures give thousands. Learn from the lessons of the vanquished. Jeff O`Leary
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About the Server

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  • x10 Drop [Monster/Collection/Fishing/Steal]
  • x10 Exp [Player/Horse/Pet/Tendency]
  • x10 Garden Time
  • x10 Skill Exp [Player/Horse/Pet]
  • x10 Exp [Life/Explore/Fitness]
  • 0.5% per fail stack

Auto Event:

  • On weekends, the gold rush event is automatically turned on

Rewards added for new players:

  • Two pets (cat and dog)
  • Increase inventory slots, 8 cells
  • Weight gain +150 LT
  • Horse remastering rank 7
  • Main, Dop, and Awakened weapons +15 (for 15 days)
  • Value Pack (for 15 days)
  • Acharnes Premium Pack [for 1 days)
  • Acharnes Premium Pack [for 7 days)


  • Distributed through gathering, fishing, and defeating
  • You don't have to loot the corpses.
  • Starts with monsters 12+ level, with the most amount of pearls at 51+ level monsters.
  • Pearls are added directly to the family
    • pearls are not a "drop"
    • nothing that influences drops will change the pearl amounts.
  • Horses can be Imperial Traded for pearls
  • Limit farm pearls in day (4800)
  • The limit is reset automatically at 00:00

Imperial trade:

  • Increased percentage from 250% -> 1250%
  • Update randomly every 3-6 hours

Dark Rifts Boss:

  • The list of personal bosses is updated only if the player is in the game
  • Update randomly every 3-5 hours

Auction SD:

  • The bot checks the auction every hour
  • As soon as the price drops 80% or more, the bot will buy things
  • If you have an Acharnes premium package, you get an additional +20%

Transportation of items:

  • items instantly arrive at their destination

Other (Works):

  • Stone Mass Processing
  • Horse Racing System
  • Awakening horses 9 rank
  • Trade System
  • Fairy System
  • Camp System
  • Caphras System
  • Devour System

The list will be supplemented, we are working on improving the server 24/7

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