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  1. You need to select language before hitting check files. Mine was auto to english then hitting check files.
  2. Place the launcher in a fresh folder in a drive that has enough space for at least 50-60gb then open launcher and it'll fill perfectly fine
  3. 100% drop rate weekend Enchant weekend First weekend of every month yellow accessory boost to 7x
  4. Classes wont be looked at until big patch is made
  5. I use to play G2BDO server and what they had was trash drops say at aakman was 50-75 per mob and they had a infinite weight system for real cash, you could also vote for cash credits too so playing would help as well. Here what he can do is yea increase x5 at most where they prob drop 10-25 per mob then people can just use their mounts, but it'd be better to just remove the weight limit on tents if he can do that. Also once central market comes the prices of alot of stuff will be even higher but also people can make them even lower, so lets see how the update changes the market first before making this change.
  6. Im sorry I dont have 100mbs/s and also you really should think about adding the capability for the launcher to detect retail game files and update itself accordingly, all the BDO game files are present but the launcher refuses to recognize them as anything at all. At the current rate of the launcher shown in the pictures it would take me about a week total to download and my net isnt terrible as I can download most big games in 2-3 hours or less. I will try this file you sent but the launcher just keeps refusing to see BDO files I place next to it.
  7. So I got tired of seeing after 12 hours the game with the launcher has done 15% of the total download, I decided to download retail game files like I did with GameZ so it could just overwrite and update quickly to allow me into the game since I can download retail faster than both these launchers apparently. The files are ALL in the folder with the launcher and it DOESNT detect them, it has started over several times and im close to giving up, also the torret download link on the main site is busted.
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