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  1. Auren


    lemme stick this blade up yo ass Daigo that will be ugly show us ya pic then!
  2. until

  3. Auren

    Ninja Issues/bugs

    come 2vs 2 Ezawah me and vurple ninja vs ninja see how buggy ninja is go get eclipse to come play and pvp
  4. I agree the rate/success % on which accessories are currently enhanced at is FAR too low, people are hitting full pen Armor+Weapons within weeks and stuck on pri/duo/tri accessories for MONTHS, This is not fun for anyone and makes people quite angry after failing hundreds of accessories just to attempt Tri With 70+fs Which is a PEN STACK. Some people are even using 100+ for tri like myself and stopping at that because hitting IV would require more then 100 fs for a pathetically low % Rate seems like half of Retail and this is meant to be a private server Pls fix this problem so we can start working on other things then being stuck on grinding accessories everyday.
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