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  1. It is from this evening loot, i was grinding at gyffin and i see him get tung rings every couple of minutes. Sycraia drop is too broken, so easy get rings
  2. If i use loot filter over green items, then i cant gather blood.
  3. If i keep my pet, i have to loot the mobs before gaher them anyway...
  4. Please @Acharnes, could you delete the next item from mob drop or at least low the drop rate to almost 0? https://bddatabase.net/us/item/3018/ When we go gather wolf blood, we get full of it very fast, and must be cleaning inventory every 5 mins or les...
  5. Malo

    Mass processing

    Although i have enough materials to do mass process with stones, if i try to do directly from storage with venecil outfit, most of times i get a message of insuficient materials for mass process. In that case, i must to take the materials to inventory and then do mass process, so much weight is used by base materials
  6. When we are cooking or doing alchemy, the char auto stops some random number when the cooking/alchemy utensil durability is less than 100. Sometimes you start again and a bit later maybe stops or maybe finishes the durability without stopping
  7. The sale date is never updated to me if the item goes preorder. If the item goes bid, i have no problems never.
  8. It´s easy to get many of this scrolls with vodoo dolls, but kill it its a bit tedious, maybe u could make it lower life or lower dp in order to kill it easier. With 255 ap now, it takes almost 1 min to kill each.
  9. When an item is sold by preorder, market info doesn´t refresh and the only way to know if something is sold by preorder is making a relog. Many times i was waiting it to bid, but the item is sold yet..
  10. I dont know how can ppl sell 2 or 3 t9 in 1 day, or how they get 24b? I got 9 trys on my t9 attempt and for the moment didnt get it so its not as easy as you say.
  11. Malo

    Few ideas

    I add skip animation on outfit extraction
  12. I hate this bug. And also so many loots from bosses are on the floor even when u got all pets out, and sometimes pet dont get all loot. Another update could be to hide the rest of ppl around the boss area and their scrolls and loots as in retail, to get a cleaner area and less bugs. Mems are a very popular and massive thing, so it need an update to fix and improve the experiences asap. The idea of an NPC is also good as you guys say, u can exchange some scrolls and other summon with ppl who needs.
  13. If we have static portals, so many ppl grinding at hystria and aakman. Its not difficult to find portals if u know where they could be. First times it will take more time to find, but in order that u know possible portal spawns is just go and check that spots
  14. The quantoty for memes exchange is an example, it can be increased, i just propose some optiones...
  15. If we need higher fs to get jewelry, and enhancing weapons/armors are relative easy (with 50 fs u can get pen "easy"), then what is the way to increase the fs? failing jewelry and adding fs 1 by 1? I think that a fix of jewelry is really needed, at least something to get easier high fs, maybe this: 0-pri fail: +3 fs pri-duo: +5 fs duo-tri: +7 fs tri-tet: +9 fs tet-pen: +11 fs Another option is, trade memory fragments into jewelry pieces: 20 mems: 1 crescent 25 mems: 1 eor 40 mems: 1 ogre etc
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