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  1. Hello Im here to say a few bugs ive discovered in game, hope you could fix them soon as possible especially the ones related to classes. Ranger is completly bugged, the damage feels like nothing, in pre awakening some skills such as "Descending Current" and "Evasive Explosion Shot" lands on enemies and doesnt deal a single point to damage. In awakening the skills should be improved in damage. So please fix ranger damage cuz its a class that i truly love to play with. For example with 206ap i need like 10 basic attacks on NAGAS to deal 30% damage, that isnt cool. Bugs in game, there are some mobs missing in some areas such as nagas, tshira ruins, jails in kagtums are unkilabble, some sets for housing in pearl shop are amazingly bugged like the winter sets and floors. When you can please fix these things, especially ranger, there are a bunch of ppl who like to play the class and simply dont because its bugged x)
  2. So I have some suggestions that could improve the game, at least in my opinion. 1st of all the enhancing is garbage, totally worse than retail (personal experience) even if the drop rate in materials is great. So maybe you guys could work on it cuz the stupid ammout of fs i have to use to get a single duo is making me lose the interest in this server. Also some floors doesnt work while housing, also sometimes my horse bugs and he doesnt move. Besides that the rest is great :3
  3. I tried the snowflake wall
  4. I bought a wallpaper in shop and i tried to place it in heidel 7-5 house also in calpheon several houses ive tried and i couldnt
  5. anasilveira10


    Can you fix please the walls in the houses? I cant place any of them >.<
  6. So, i started the quest went to the npc so he could give me the scroll so i could go to elric place and summon a monster, well i summoned, the monster didnt appeared so i forefited the quest. After i did that i cant find anything neither npc that i can accept the quest again, also the black spirit doesnt have any awakening quest for me
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