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  1. @COCKROACH you are simple retarded. You think i'm going to Photoshop a Screenshot just to flex on you? What about the other Pic? Fake as well? Do you actually follow System Chat and see in what interval Accessories drop? You simple here for the Drama and i'm very happy that Acharnes is a smart Guy not listen to People like you. Since you hate how things going here and you are a big Number at CDO, why you just don't go back there and tell Admins to trash the Server for your needs? I have enough of this now, keep insulting whoever you want to proof your Point. Bye
  2. While you get 4 per Hour others be like
  3. Quick run to get Marnis for 64, man now im tired. phew
  4. Sure Buddy, i waste my time making a 1 Hour Video for you just to Proof nothing. Next you tell me my Rates are high cause my Hair is red How about you enable System Chat and see that People, who actually Grind instead of crying, dropping Golden Accs every 5 min...
  5. So you don't even know that Kagtum dropping Ruins Ring, ok... https://bdocodex.com/us/item/12060/
  6. Have Fun there! Btw. i played GameZ for over a Year, Rates are no where even close to what we have here. Stop lying just to proof your Point. You probably should ask yourself
  7. This Discussion is useless anyway. Tested Kagtum yesterday, got 3 Duo 1 Pri 15 Base in one Hour. If that isn't enough for you Guys, i have no clue what you want. Probably just here for the Drama.
  8. If bullying People is the Reason you want PEN Accs for, i have a simple fix for you. Roll Maehwa, Valk, Ninja or some of the other broken Classes idk right now and just 1 Click fully Geared Players with your 150 AP. Apparently Acharnes don't have the time to fix all Classes yet, so you probably have enough time left to go crazy.
  9. So it wasn't an issue before, you got ridiculous Rates for one Day and now you have x5 the Droprate like before and the Server started to be shit right now? That makes no Sense. I talked to many active Players since those changes, be sure i am not the only one thinking the x10 will crap the Server pretty fast.
  10. Black Desert isn't your Game Bro. Stop trying to fuck up the Fun for everyone else just because you simple don't get it. Go play Pirated Single Player Games or find a Server where you start in Full PEN Gear. Btw. why don't you go to CDO or GameZ Forums and ask for absurd Stuff so you can get your Lazy Ass geared within a Day? I bet they would do it for you...
  11. Forum and Game Account is not the same. Create a Game Account within the Launcher and you ready to go.
  12. The Problem is you lazy Plebs still running Capotia and all you care about is yourself. Show me one Private Server with such crazy Rates that is still well Populated. You Guys are the ones crying loudest once you are Geared and have nothing else to do but bullying People. I don't know where you got this "since the accessory rate is nerfed to 5x in preparation for a rise in population to ensure market balance" from, but the Reason it went back to x5, which is still to high btw. was simple because it wasn't like expected. For example People got 50 Rings at Sycraia or 40 Belts at Gyfin per Hour. One Person got Full PEN Tungrad Accessories within the first 24h of the Changes... On Lunchbreak i runned 45 min. Tshira without Scroll on x5 and still got 2 PRI and 5 Base. Already sold all my Horses, cause there is simple no more Reason to make Money with Lifeskilling if you can just grind Billions per Hour now. Guess what, that's what happens if you try to enchant with 30% or lower shit Stacks. We all went through the trouble of trying till it finally works. Done before the Carebear Mode started, just a little less nonsense on Chat and a little more Grinding every Day and you can also archive it
  13. That is not what i wrote. I said the x10 before the Event, felt somehow different to the x10 we have right now. I'm not saying, please activate permanent x20. There is already such System in the Game for the Asula Items. Why not use this System and give a guaranteed yellow Grade Item after every 1000 Kills or such. Not like this would hurt anyone..
  14. Since we left the x20 Event, the Drop Rates went into nothing. I grind Sycraia alot and the last 10 Hours yielded 8 Rings including Shards. Before the New Year Event this was the amount i got in around 1 Hour Sycraia grind. Right now it almost feels like the Retail Trash grind, which is annoying and not worth the time invest. You might call this RNG, but the Marketplace is empty for Days now and following the System Chat shows that no one is having much Luck at the Moment. Please create a System that gives a guaranteed rare Item after killing x amount of the specific Mobs. Thanks
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