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  1. we need eclipse too :((
  2. yea I saw blooming today was a joke xd and shift + q do 1hp dmg kek. Anyways, thx for your info
  3. Hello, my name is Ezaweh and I main ninja class. I hope this thread will help the dev to fix ninja properly. Note: these testing have been done on players and BA dummies. Disclaimer: I am not an expert by no means. I just like to play ninja, so if you’re main ninja feel free to add up more useful information or fix any mistaken information that I list. The post will be separated into two sections which are Skills and Mechanics. First Part: Skills For skills there are some overwhelming and others underwhelming. Lets start with the skills that have high dmg and they need to be nerfed. · Blade Spin: at the moment this skill can one shot pen players, and even with ap such as 230-250, and it should be nerfed by 60+% · Heart Aiming: This skill too does a lot of dmg like 70% of your hp regardless of what is ur ap still do high dmg and should be nerfed. · Beheading the dead: this skill also does a lot of dmg and needs to be nerfed by 30% or 50% · Suicide fall: this skill does nice dmg wen the target gets bound and it shouldn’t do that much dmg anyways, so it has to be nerfed. Skills need to be buffed: · Shadow stomp: this skill is one of our hard-hitting skills, and the dmg atm is bad, and it should get buffed. · Fox claw: this skill does less dmg than it should even in pve, and it needs tiny buff to make on the right track. · Serpent: one of our hardest hitting skills and still the dmg mmmm not satisfying and low, and it should be buffed by 50% at least. Second part: Ninja Mechanics · Oni-shadow slow swap bug: when you use oni-shadow and get invis try to swap to awaken and it will force u to stuck in the swapping animation. Oni-shadow expected behavior: · Air modifiers do they work to begin with? Fatal blow air mod and fox claw air mod don’t seem to add more dmg · Iframes: most iframes are like 50 50 chance sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t and specially silent charge I get cc 90% while using this skill, and plz don’t tell me ping or desync. I’ve tested it on other servers and they work fine. · Our CCs: same as iframes our ccs are like 50 50 chance sometimes they land and sometimes they don’t,our retail combos don’t work here. So, there is some problem with res % values or cc mechanics bug. For example, Throwing Kick, Serpent, Stomp floats really have low float % unlike other servers which makes our combo rotation really useless. Hopefully, this thread will be helpful and feel free to add if I miss something Good Luck.
  4. Ezaweh


    fix ninja iframe too xd
  5. good information thank you
  6. hhhhh blat I swear If I get tet gear ... which will be next year I'll wipe u ez
  7. lol work busy dude anyways I have 260 dp and 180 ap same as u ez
  8. don;t revert plz and don't listen to pen gear carried. just work on fixing dp
  9. my bad I thought you were a bot, so I had to test by myself best regards,
  10. Ezaweh

    Ninja Iframes

    Ninja iframes don't work 98% of the time, plz do more testing or recEmulate kek like what u did to archers which have 100% working iframes
  11. hi, c swaping from Oni-Shadow to Awakening puts the player in slow c-swap animation.
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