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  1. will these be daily? Every 2nd day? 1 week?
  2. Well, this is a strange one. After minimizing the game to system tray and restoring the game window, the AFK rider on the horse is still going. But the horse doesn't gain any EXP or lose Stamina. If the character gets off the horse, they'll be unable to get back on. Run away and come back, and the horse is missing. But run back to where the horse was when sending the game to tray, and the horse is there. Can mount the horse and start riding again. If the game isn't sent to tray, the horse behaves normally. Anyone else able to verify the issue? I have to sleep so wasn't able to do much testing. (I noticed there are more riderless horses than usual around heidel. )
  3. wyrde

    Workers leveling

    As far as I can tell, they do level faster. They also gather more.
  4. Starting a new character, I've found 2 of the bag quests that cannot be accepted. Nothing happens when the button is clicked or R is pushed, no errors or any messages. Eileen's Request https://bddatabase.net/us/quest/1001/75/ Clause Can't Contain https://bddatabase.net/us/quest/1001/71/
  5. Try standing right on top of the portal and activating the portal itself (instead of the scroll). Some of the portals can be picky so you may have to move around a little.
  6. I'm sorry to not be much help with this... but this is hilarious.
  7. Some of the 'shrooms don't die, which means they can keep hitting with their poison. Once you remember where they are, the forest is pretty simple to manage (I was doing with with DUO gear). Though it can still get nasty at night.
  8. That setting hides the announcements when people place workers on the market These messages are my own workers. It was fixed for a day or so, but is now back.
  9. I can confirm that trying to put gear in marco's bag is still an issue. Causes an immediate disconnect.
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