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  1. ahahaaha you loser
  2. I agre with you to, All items need to be add an trade npc for 1 silver so one click game easy lol
  3. I agre with daigo, Last real Group Activity will dead. Because there is no social activity in game.
  4. I got 10/h to that just rng some times i got 0 and just wtf its a rare item in game. lol now everyone started complaining everything
  5. Kompleksli


    What abouth pvp fix, almost everyone waiting for that. You can start to work on first fix pvp then Node Wars,Castle wars there is your point. İf you do that there is no hurry for new clients.
  6. Kompleksli


    We dont want new class, Just relase shai patch how u done, you promited to end of december. We where waiting shai patch almost 3month
  7. Kompleksli


    well i hope sooon
  8. Now you call me RNG CARRY, you didt read my comment lol Read it and my english is not good sorry for missunderstanding The answer i want to mean = "Devoloper answer" You maybe SitDown now. İf you dont know abouth people what did in game. you cant call RNG Carry
  9. For Pri and Duo enchantment rates yes everyoene is right abouth that so im sure there is a little patch. Dont worry I played retail and other private server to, I have full pen capras 20 acc in other pserver to. Devoloper answer is simple = Use Higher Failstack I dont know whats your problem with that. I sold x4 I sold x1 I sold x2 I sold x1 I sold x1 I sold x1I sold x6 Those who did enchant i didt see anyone
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