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  1. you can put the trash on the horse so you have 0 weight, or just use drop filter, you are obviously new if you didnt know you can use horse for trash loot, maybe you should stick to lurking if you are a noob. also making money is not easy as fuck. the marketplace is overloaded and 95% of players on the server have not got silver. nobody wants to sit all day doing SD group with their archer friend in sycaria as the only viable way to make money in this server. like i said, stick to lurking noob.
  2. Ахарнес, пожалуйста. Нам очень трудно сделать достаточно СЕРЕБРЯНОГО, чтобы купить список людей, предлагающих аксессуары на рынке. Можете ли вы увеличить серебро, полученное от волшебной пыли и добычи мусора от монстров, в 5-10 раз? это помогло бы нам купить все дорогие аксессуары на рынке, которые находятся в состоянии покоя, потому что количество аксессуаров составляет 500%, но добыча мусора все еще составляет 100%, поэтому нам нужно в 5 раз больше СЕРЕБРА, чтобы купить все. Серебро прибывает из волшебной пыли, золотых кинжалов, мусорной добычи и некоторых лошадей. Пожалуйста, сделайте это более выгодным, так как повышение цен делает покупку аксессуаров бесполезной, когда вы лучше шлифуете их в течение 1 недели и проваливаете 200-300 попыток, вместо того чтобы тратить деньги на их покупку. было бы неплохо, если бы вы исправили повышение резкости на +1 и +2, потому что они являются проблемой для всех, камни крона не помогли, потому что они очень дороги. +3 +4 +5 в порядке. can you increase TRASH loot drop 10x ammount on ALL MONSTER? making money is very hard unless you do SD group which is not fun can we please make money through farming the TRASH loot on the mobs so we can actually buy the 999999 accessories in the market and alchemy stones eg: https://bddatabase.net/us/item/44218/ https://bddatabase.net/us/item/44382/ https://bddatabase.net/us/item/44267/ https://bddatabase.net/us/item/44266/ and also this increase 5x - 10x https://bdocodex.com/us/item/5651/ PLEASE we need SILVER there is too much loot and noone has any money!!!
  3. Hi, starting Tomorrow; I will be streaming each week. Monday - Friday 11:30 am (GMT) for 1-2 hours 11:30 pm (GMT) for 1-2 hours Search on google: "10:30 gmt my time" to see what time it would be for you! Alternatively you could follow me and get a notification on your phone when I go live! There is also a mixer app. I will stream twice per day and I will keep the same times each day. Don't be shy to join in the chat, I will be streaming mainly Acharnes BDO because I'm excited to prepare for guardian, but I may take a break and play some other games depending on the requests of the viewers. https://mixer.com/ROACH123 If you decide to visit me, I thank you in advance and I look forward to seeing you!
  4. so uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........... why 3/4 the rings 360p and the rest of the rings full HD 1080p? why the top rows of rings not blurry, but the bottom ones are? is that an exporting problem with your photoshop installation? or do you just suck at photoshop/have no fucking idea what you are doing KEK so the best you got is a screenshot of geting 4 rings in a row, with no proof it wasnt during the 10x accessory rates period cringe. > "This Discussion is useless anyway. Tested Kagtum yesterday, got 3 Duo 1 Pri 15 Base in one Hour. If that isn't enough for you Guys, i have no clue what you want. Probably just here for the Drama." > "So you don't even know that Kagtum dropping Ruins Ring, ok..." So you went and tested dreighan rates on tuesday after MONDAYS NERF/BUFF? did you even read the patch notes? Ruins rings (gold accessory) got INCREASE CHANCE at tshira ruins in kagtum by 5x. Reduced the chance of falling gold jewelry from monsters by 5 times Increased the chance of falling gold jewelry from monsters 5 times (Trisha Ruins, Mirumok Ruins[Valtarra Eclipsed Belt]) I'm sorry but, you are a moron for thinking anyone would ever believe you and your fake image. its so sad because if what you say is true, it would have taken you an hour or two to make a LEGIT image of all the rings, but you were too fucking lazy to even do that, maybe cause rates are nerfed now right? so you went and shopped it, it literally disproves your entire argument
  5. the increased/nerfed rates apply to gold accessories only please escort yourself out
  6. we arent playing black desert, were playing Acharnes Private Server, just because you think something is good doesnt make it good. look at america, they love their guns, but what a fucking mess that country is. take a step back and look at yourself and ask yourself, "why am i like this" Gear progression isnt the only fun part of this game, there is also pvp and exploration and questing and sea hunting and the list goes on. besides even if people can grind accessories, you still need someone to BUY them, those billions per hour they are earing is FROM THE LIFESKILLERS THAT ABUSED PEN MANOS HOE so this silver isnt just coming from nowhere, its coming from the people who did the exact same thing when the tables were turned, and you act like youre any different. fact of the matter is, acharnes can do whatever he wants, and if he wants to make his server more fun, hes allowed to do it. if we donate more money to him because he makes it more fun, how is it any of your buisness? this is clearly a pathetic attempt at trying to ruin the fun for other people, and you yourself say we are ruining the fun for you? noone told you to nolife full pen on a server with no active pvp scene, god youre pathetic take your elitist retard bullshit elsewhere you cringe mf

    Few ideas

    doom horse skills deal good damage but have 0.0000001% accuracy, so if you hit 100 mobs, only 1 will die instantly plz fix so i can attack people on my horse >:D
  8. Having 10x accessories was nice, but the enhancing on pri duo was still very bad i sold all my base accessory and only enhanced the pri and duo drops that i got from mobs to duo and tri because its not worth it for me to waste them on pri and duo I see a lot of drops accessory yesterday DUO but many many many more FAIL TRI gold acc i understand the nerf because when the population rises the market may become more flooded, so i suggest an alternative: since the accessory rate is nerfed to 5x in preparation for a rise in population to ensure market balance, can we have increased PRI and DUO (ENHANCEMENT/SHARPEN) rates ONLY? tri tet and pen is perfect and i think it doesnt need a change, maybe even nerf pen by 5% but im sure people will have opinions below in the comment section of this thread On acharnes for all accessories (green blue gold red) something like the following may be possible (because 0.5% per failstack): I | Pri base 70% chance (can reach 90% chance with 40 failstack) (Maybe, please leave opinions below) II | Duo base 60% chance (can reach 90% chance with 60 failstack) (Maybe, please leave opinions below) III | Tri same chance IV | Tet same chance V | Pen same chance (Maybe, please leave opinions below) Thank you for reading my suggestion.
  9. imagine putting this much effort into crying about things being broken. you realize when acharnes updates the client version, all the bug fixes and patches that pearl abyss did will be applied in that patch? you realize the reason half this shit is broken is because we are currently running on an amalgamation of pre-remaster and post-remaster patches? save your breath and bug reports for after we actually get the new client, because chances are; it will be fixing these bugs as collateral. Also, this is no way to speak to a developer. ^ So I say to you: Kindly go fuck yourself with some sharp objects, you piece of shit.
  10. thanks for speaking on behalf of every acharnes player since you clearly know what we need and want incase you didnt realize, that was sarcasm and u should stfu unless u plan on launching your own private server with your own rules Acharnes can do whatever he likes, its his project, you bringing your voice of reason trying to gimp the agenda of progressiveness is cringe if anything.
  11. > memory fragment npc at each town like gamez > .sethome and .home teleport with cooldown > better accessory drop chance (2x-3x) and better accessory enhance rates > 192 inv slots and 100 energy and 100 contrib sounds nice but the main quest gives you that already, would be cool to have an auto complete function, up to the fairy stage, perhaps for premium members to skip the main quest. > 1% chance for rare stuff like an ogre ring or boss item on any mobs is a very good idea, having rare drops is a good thing and encourages people to grind more and enjoy the game and free suprises > 3 buffs that you can choose ONE of for each character. now THIS sounds cool. probably SHOULDNT be tied to premium, but im 100% interested in adding CUSTOM CONTENT to the game to spice it up. Having a holy trinity buff selection per character sounds very cool, you could make 3 custom alchemy stones and would add a lot of variety to the game. They need to be balanced so they arent abused in pve, but thats easy for example: -50% pve damage while buff is switched on. this is really interesting, im imagining something like: A (blue) super alchemy stone that gives 10 minutes of: (-50% pve damage) (+50% atkspeed/castspeed/movespeed) (+immunity to SLOWS) Karanda and Kzarka could drop the blue stone 5% chance, and 100% chance to drop enough dust to repair 5 dura. A (red) super alchemy stone that gives 10 minutes of: (-50% pve damage) (+50% ignore all-resistance) (+50% lifesteal) (heal +50 hp on hit) Kutum and Nouver could drop the red stone 5% chance, and 100% chance to drop enough dust to repair 5 dura. A (yellow) super alchemy stone that gives 10 minutes of: (-50% pve damage) (+50% all-resistance) (+3000 hp) (+300 hp regen per second) Dim and Bheg could drop the yellow stone 5% chance, and 100% chance to drop enough dust to repair 5 dura. you could also make these buffs give you a red yellow or green particle aura (similar to stormtrooper title aura) so people can identify when you have your super stone popped the super alchemy stones can have 100 durability, and use 5 durability per charge, giving you a total of 20 charges aka 200 minutes or 3.5 hours of constant buff before you need to replenish your alchemy stone dura. it would be incredible to see what these super alchemy stones can do in a siege setting aswell as the types of build diversity you could see: for example zerk with yellow stone using lots of CC and slows on everyone in siege while tanking as a debuff bot or a valkyrie zooming around with a blue stone and vaccuming people and giving PA as a cc and buff bot or a mystic in the frontlines with huge lifesteal and healing and ignore resist as a cc and debuff bot or maybe you wanna go yellow archer, or blue maewha, or red DK, or a blue sorc or a red ninja or a yellow witch just imagine the cool builds people could make with these, it would shift the meta entirely
  12. I actually remember this happening on cdo aswell, the donators start demanding stuff because they "donated" aka paid for it... thats not how donations work, you donate as a SUPPORT, its not a purchase. you get your pearls and premium package for donating, that is your purchase, not demanding dev to give you attention because you splurge on videogames. TLDR: just because you donated doesnt entitle you to anything except the pearls and premium buff you get from donating, so stay in the safe zone and stfu lifeskiller
  13. lifeskiller complaining about pvp but he has done 0 minutes of pvp in this server
  14. the ap and dp issue is tolerable at this stage, i think the next step would be updating the pvp skills to their current values (the skills are pre-remastered, but we have 10% 25% and 50% BSR skills pasted on top) once everything is updated to REMASTERED regarding the skills/abilities, grabs will also be fixed consequently. (pre remastered grabs never worked properly, and post remastered they are much more consistent, and the enemy doesnt land behind you after a grab etc.) so just be patient guys and wait for the remastered pvp update
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