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  1. Fixed bugs in the work of workers The Maehwa class has % skills fixed, which indicate damage reduction in pvp [main, awakened, rabama skills]
  2. Reduced the chance of falling gold jewelry from monsters by 5 times Increased the chance of falling gold jewelry from monsters 5 times (Trisha Ruins, Mirumok Ruins[Valtarra Eclipsed Belt])
  3. Discord: Boss notification of bosses in 15 minutes about spawn Notification by the bot about the number of players on the server every 5 hours Game: Increased the chance of falling gold jewelry from monsters 10 times
  4. We are glad to see you on our discord channel, if it is convenient for you! https://discord.gg/MT5Uu2Y
  5. Buffs of all kinds of Pure Black Stone are turned off
  6. Added accounting for transactions (purchases, expenses) of cash currency (will appear soon in your account, in your account profile "site") Added new event calendar Events off ([Event] Snowman on a White Winter's Day and [Event] Grow A Cron Tree)
  7. comparing us with СDO, this is beyond praise well, go and play on new servers, with an allegedly 2200 population, I will see how long you will play there, and how angry you will be at that administration, and how far they will go :)) ) talking is always easier than doing. if you don’t know the word, it’s a hobby, and you don’t know what it is. then read Wikipedia, or go to the library and study the word. I do not owe anything to anyone, and I am not obliged. I work for my pleasure, the people who play here know this, and support me. And you ask me, as if I are the official server your word also kills me about the population. here 10 people played, and 20, and 200, and 100 ... and what's next? at least nobody will be here, I’ll still be engaged in this project but the administration where it will be 2200 and if it suddenly falls online, it’ll just be closed and a new one will open and say hello stupid argument, everyone does what he wants.
  8. Thanks for the detailed information! it helps a lot
  9. The Ranger class has % skills fixed, which indicate damage reduction in pvp [main, awakened, rabama skills] The Sword Master class has % skills fixed, which indicate damage reduction in pvp [main, awakened, rabama skills] Added training monsters in the pvp zone When causing damage to them, you will receive a notification in chat [Alliance] about % skill
  10. until
    For each hour spent in the game, you will receive 3 Shakatu's Seal You can exchange coins at NPC: (Shakatu) for a Shakatu's Seal
  11. https://drive.google.com/file/d/17fXqsg8lVLt9uAotto22n-NsZF4lvdIe/view I download the client through the launcher completely in 15 minutes.
  12. Fixed item effects: Kamasilva blessings (+20% drop increase) Kamasilva blessings (from a pearl box) (+20% increase in drop and 2 energy recovery) Fixed Guild skill effects: Complete perfection Sweet luck State of perseverance Added check guild skill cooldown
  13. Rates: x10 Drop [Monster/Collection/Fishing/Steal] x10 Exp [Player/Horse/Pet/Tendency] x10 Garden Time x10 Skill Exp [Player/Horse/Pet] x10 Exp [Life/Explore/Fitness] 0.5% per fail stack Auto Event: On weekends, the gold rush event is automatically turned on Rewards added for new players: Two pets (cat and dog) Increase inventory slots, 8 cells Weight gain +150 LT Horse remastering rank 7 Main, Dop, and Awakened weapons +15 (for 15 days) Value Pack (for 15 days) Acharnes Premium Pack [for 1 days) Acharnes Premium Pack [for 7 days) Pearls: Distributed through gathering, fishing, and defeating You don't have to loot the corpses. Starts with monsters 12+ level, with the most amount of pearls at 51+ level monsters. there's a post in patch notes that gives the amounts Pearls are added directly to the family pearls are not a "drop" nothing that influences drops will change the pearl amounts. Horses can be Imperial Traded for pearls see here for details Limit farm pearls in day (4800) The limit is reset automatically at 00:00 Imperial trade: Increased percentage from 250% -> 1250% Update randomly every 3-6 hours Dark Rifts Boss: The list of personal bosses is updated only if the player is in the game Update randomly every 3-5 hours Auction SD: The bot checks the auction every hour As soon as the price drops 80% or more, the bot will buy things If you have an Acharnes premium package, you get an additional +20% Transportation of items: items instantly arrive at their destination Other (Works): Stone Mass Processing Horse Racing System Awakening horses 9 rank Trade System Fairy System Camp System Caphras System Devour System The list will be supplemented, we are working on improving the server 24/7
  14. Name = GodOrNot, FamilyName = Example Name = HyperDPS, FamilyName = MataBoss Name = Xecutioner, FamilyName = Executor Name = Leona, FamilyName = Sydney Name = BLackPearL, FamilyName = VitaminC Name = Begarnir, FamilyName = Imere Name = Kahve, FamilyName = Kahve Name = Machiado, FamilyName = KERDAL Name = Caladbolg, FamilyName = Zabazuba Name = MrPunisher, FamilyName = KAPTAN (prohibited items and silver cleaned) Name = Melonas, FamilyName = Sai Name = Sprzyku, FamilyName = Pluszaki Name = Teos, FamilyName = Shaiyan (prohibited items and silver cleaned)
  15. Fixed % of skills have been in the warrior class for which damage reduction in pvp is indicated [main, awakened, rabama skills] Fixed removal of the body of monsters at discos if drop collects pet [test version] Fixed errors when sharpening Caphras Stone Items that had Caphras Stone were removed from the auction The stock prohibits the registration of an item with Caphras Stone
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