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  1. Crocodile health is now 250 Fixed collection
  2. Fixed collection after killing monsters that are on the water (whale, crocodiles, and other monster the water) Anyone who does damage on a whale will receive a reward Whale health is now 100,000 Added 3 calendar events Each hour 50 pearls will be sent to the post office, there is no limit (Saturday and Sunday - 100) from 03/28/2020 to 04/05/2020 Enable event [Lauren Family Gift Box] from 03/28/2020 to 04/11/2020 Winter is disable Blooming cherry trees is enable From March 29 to April 13 (inclusive) a promotion + 100% in cash will be held. When replenishing for any amount, you will receive an additional + 100% to payment from March 29 to April 13 For example: when you purchase 2500 cash, 5000 cash will be credited to the game! * from March 29 to April 13
  3. если логин не указали в комментарии к платежу, напишите мне в личку. у нас ручное пополнение
  4. Привет, оплачивал яндексом?
  5. Optimization of data reset once a day at 00:00 Fixed bugs when pearls were not always reset on accounts at 00:00 off event Shakatu's Seal
  6. Player optimization Hide name in chat if player was armor (Desert Camouflage, Treant Camouflage)
  7. they already wrote to you, they fit into other objects, and do not become invisible, pull out all things from the warehouse. we fixed this problem, but there is a side effect, you will pass this problem over time.
  8. Fixed enchant an item (Fiery Nouver и Fiery Kutum)
  9. Fixed bug when quickly mating (servant) through pearls Fixed a bug when an item stack in another item (warehouse) Fixed bug in delivery transport Fixed the appearance time of Vella [17:00] Fixed increased damage to players from the leader in the party All Pure Black Stone stones included
  10. fixed whale respawn whale health now since on the official server a message about the appearance of khark and whales will not be in the discord
  11. обновить библиотеки нужно, Распространяемый пакет Visual C++ для Visual Studio (2012, 2013, 2015)
  12. Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio update (2012, 2013, 2015)
  13. доступно обновление в лаунчере, исправит данную ошибку.
  14. Acharnes


    update in launcher, fix xign code
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