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Greetings adventurers

The Shai wields a Florang for her main hand weapon and a Sol for her Awakening weapon. The Sol is transformed into a Lute (Tring), Flute (Tute), or Drums (Tamtam) while using her Awakening skills. Imagine rocking the world with some amazing instruments during action combat! 🙂

Greetings adventurers

The Archer, unlike the Ranger, stays long ranged throughout all of its gameplay, and unlike other classes already starts with his awakened weapon. The Crossbow is a lighter, faster weapon while the Greatbow goes for slower, longer ranged shots and even has a scoped sniping view.

Greetings adventurers

Lahns are martial artists who crossed over to the Black Desert continent from a far eastern kingdom. When they are fighting with the Crescent Pendulum, it almost looks like they are dancing as they cut through their enemies. They are agile and quick on their feet and can quickly deliver devastating attacks by swinging their Crescent Pendulum. By careful manipulation of the swinging motion, they can even deliver attacks from all sides. While enemies are distracted by the bold movements of the Crescent Pendulum, they can swiftly move great distances in the air.

Greetings adventurers

Doom, the new trail-blazing Dream Horse that will only accept the fiercest of riders, is finally coming. Managing to get a Doom is a true achievement for any veteran equestrian. Doom performs the strongest attacks among the currently available Dream Horses and is also the swiftest.
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  2. @COCKROACH you are simple retarded. You think i'm going to Photoshop a Screenshot just to flex on you? What about the other Pic? Fake as well? Do you actually follow System Chat and see in what interval Accessories drop? You simple here for the Drama and i'm very happy that Acharnes is a smart Guy not listen to People like you. Since you hate how things going here and you are a big Number at CDO, why you just don't go back there and tell Admins to trash the Server for your needs? I have enough of this now, keep insulting whoever you want to proof your Point. Bye
  3. so uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........... why 3/4 the rings 360p and the rest of the rings full HD 1080p? why the top rows of rings not blurry, but the bottom ones are? is that an exporting problem with your photoshop installation? or do you just suck at photoshop/have no fucking idea what you are doing KEK so the best you got is a screenshot of geting 4 rings in a row, with no proof it wasnt during the 10x accessory rates period cringe. > "This Discussion is useless anyway. Tested Kagtum yesterday, got 3 Duo 1 Pri 15 Base in one Hour. If that isn't enough for you Guys, i have no clue what you want. Probably just here for the Drama." > "So you don't even know that Kagtum dropping Ruins Ring, ok..." So you went and tested dreighan rates on tuesday after MONDAYS NERF/BUFF? did you even read the patch notes? Ruins rings (gold accessory) got INCREASE CHANCE at tshira ruins in kagtum by 5x. Reduced the chance of falling gold jewelry from monsters by 5 times Increased the chance of falling gold jewelry from monsters 5 times (Trisha Ruins, Mirumok Ruins[Valtarra Eclipsed Belt]) I'm sorry but, you are a moron for thinking anyone would ever believe you and your fake image. its so sad because if what you say is true, it would have taken you an hour or two to make a LEGIT image of all the rings, but you were too fucking lazy to even do that, maybe cause rates are nerfed now right? so you went and shopped it, it literally disproves your entire argument
  4. Truth be told different spots need different increases. A place like sycria is really nice still at X5 but some places like hystria, gyfin and other low density areas are suffering.Decreasing it from X10 to X5 doesnt mean you get half the loot you used to get.Actually you lose 3/4ths of the loot you used to get. I think the X5 should go to X7.Still a decent nerf but that way we actually lose half of what we got before with which i think would please both ppl that want X10 back and those who cried for the nerf.
  5. The thing with state attacks is that if its a down cc you will apply down attack on every hit of any ability as long as its not from behind.Air attack is the same.After a float, any ability regardless if it has air attack will do air attack modifier as long as its not from behind cause backattack takes priority somehow.or at least thats how it is for musa. Damage values are super weird and i thing you should also have issues with your crits.
  6. Yesterday
  7. It is from this evening loot, i was grinding at gyffin and i see him get tung rings every couple of minutes. Sycraia drop is too broken, so easy get rings
  8. Hebele

    Worker bug

    workers wont repeat the work when they craft trade items like ore crates and herb crates etc.
  9. You're showing all these screen shots yet no proof it was after the nerf :thinking:
  10. While you get 4 per Hour others be like
  11. Okay nice flex buddy but where's the proof that you did that after the nerf :^)
  12. First of all, DK's stamina is bugged. I can do double the amount of dashes on retail with the same amount of stamina. Something is off with her stamina consumption on skill use. Please prioritize fixing this issue. Secondly, multiple multipliers don't work at the same time. Air attack and Back attack for example, only 1 can apply at the same time. This might be an issue for all classes, I did not test it for other classes. Some skills deal less damage than they are supposed to, Spirit Legacy should deal damage similar to lunacy of vedir with the same pre awak AP and awak AP. I have more awak AP but deal half of Lunacy of Vedir damage with Spirit Legacy.
  13. Quick run to get Marnis for 64, man now im tired. phew
  14. what was the fix? they still get the same garbage amount, lvl 25 artisan worker getting 15 cooking honey? lvl 30 goblin worker getting 4 iron ore? how are lifeskillers going to get mats that you cant gather by yourself? Hunting doesnt work and the marketplace has never been as dead as it is now. 200-300 cooking honey per day, Nice!
  15. Sure Buddy, i waste my time making a 1 Hour Video for you just to Proof nothing. Next you tell me my Rates are high cause my Hair is red How about you enable System Chat and see that People, who actually Grind instead of crying, dropping Golden Accs every 5 min...
  16. u made the video? link here pls
  17. So you don't even know that Kagtum dropping Ruins Ring, ok... https://bdocodex.com/us/item/12060/
  18. Flexing his drops per hour with 315 AP like everyone has the same AP
  19. @Acharnes will you please increase drop rate now from workers as you have removed ability to send multiple worker to same location.
  20. the increased/nerfed rates apply to gold accessories only please escort yourself out
  21. You wouldn't want that fixed or you would realize exactly how much we are fucking you
  22. Last week
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